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Our Proven Methodology

The road map to successful recruiting is to fully establish and understand the core values and culture, products, services, markets and how the structure of the client's organisation works. A full understanding of these aspects of a client's business is essential when sourcing candidates.

We take a comprehensive technical brief and personal profile within the job specification. Key and essential requirements are then established for the role which becomes our benchmark criteria for assessing candidates.

From this, we will agree a candidate sourcing action plan, time scales and any other measurable parameters which will assist in the recruitment process. Our service is tailored to the client's needs both in terms of cost and timescales.

We are driven to become part of your business, and strive to achieve a long-term positive impact on your company's productivity through our successful staff selection process.

Our stringent selecting, screening and candidate sourcing system, ensures that we only pass the most suitable candidates on to you. Our extensive and loyal client base exists due to this professional service that Mantech Personnel upholds.

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