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Experienced staff to suit your exact needs

In a job market where good calibre candidates are in short supply, you need a reliable recruitment firm that can help you find the most suitable and reliable employee to fill your vacancy.

Our trained and skilled consultants have for years been identifying and providing trained and experienced staff to suit your exact needs.

Furthermore, our many years in business and our membership with RCSA ensures that you are dealing with an experienced and accredited, ethical recruitment organisation that will provide you with a professional service.

Sourcing Candidates

To ensure a superb service to both clients and candidates, our recruitment consultants have access to the latest technology to assist them in their role.

We have many avenues open in sourcing suitable candidates, which could be either our extensive in-house database of qualified candidates, our website vacancies, print media or sourcing candidates from our network partners.

We are also adept in "Head Hunting", and will find suitable candidates for you who may be in very short supply.

Leave it to Mantech to give you the best service possible.

Qualifying the Candidates

Having taken and developed a detailed brief from you the client, we now need to qualify suitable candidates to confirm that they meet both the technical requirements and also the skills required. Our Competency Based Recruitment (CBR) interview process uses a combination of probing questions, behavioural profiles and related performance measurements where we are able to identify the candidate with the most appropriate balance of hard and soft skills, thus supplying you with the candidate with the best overall 'fit'.

We will also ensure that candidates put forward will meet your expectations and that they are motivated and excited by the opportunity.

All aspects of their background will be explored to ensure that obstacles are resolved or the application stopped prior to submission. Personality profile testing, credit checking or other in-depth screening can also be carried out if required.

Working Together

Having taken the time and resources to find suitable candidates, we prefer to work with all our clients right to the final stage of the job offer. This is done to ensure that all three parties are fully satisfied with the service rendered and that any legal and/or strategically important information towards such a placement is discussed accordingly.

We like to think of ourselves as an extension of our clients' business where we really care and have a passion for their exact recruitment needs. By the same token, we like to think that we offer an empathetic shoulder to our candidates who can put their faith and trust in us to guide them in their future career, effectively and confidentially.

Mantech Personnel - your partner for all your recruitment needs.